Published 09.06.2021

EU providing support to cover the transport costs of the National Emergency Supply Agency’s protective equipment procurements

The European Union supports the protective equipment procurements carried out by Member States in response to the coronavirus crisis by retroactively covering some of the associated transport costs via its Emergency Support Instrument. Finland will be receiving a reimbursement of EUR 2.7 million for the period of April–September 2020. In Finland, protective equipment procurements have been carried out on behalf of the Government by the National Emergency Supply Agency.

In summer 2020, the EU announced that it would be allocating EUR 220 million of support to cover transport costs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of this sum, EUR 100 million was allocated to the cargo transportation of items considered important for pandemic response, as during the exceptional circumstances Member States were forced to organise their own cargo transportation to ensure sufficient availability of protective equipment. The remaining EUR 120 million was allocated to the transfer of patients and health care staff from one country to another.

Finland’s COVID-19-related transport costs consist solely of cargo transports, primarily from China to Finland. The European Commission has accepted applications for covering costs that arose during the period of 24 April–10 September 2020. The majority of the protective equipment batches procured by the National Emergency Supply Agency in 2020 fall within this period, as do nearly all of its airfreight transports, which have significantly higher costs than any of the other modes of transport used.

Protective equipment has been transported to Finland by air, sea and rail during the COVID-19 crisis. The National Emergency Supply Agency maintains preparedness to use all of the aforementioned modes of transport.

The National Emergency Supply Agency applied for a total reimbursement of EUR 3.8 million from the European Commission. The amount granted by the EU, EUR 2.691.262,32, covers 70% of the total transport costs that arose during the aforementioned period.