Published 02.11.2023

Overall situational picture of security of supply: Companies have elevated their level of preparedness

Companies and households have begun to consider their preparedness after last week’s headlines regarding suspected sabotage on Finland’s critical infrastructure. The situation of the gas system remains stable, but the situation in the Middle East is causing uncertainty in terms of energy prices.

The overall situational picture of security of supply compiled by the National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA) examines the challenges in the operating environment from several perspectives. The situational picture report includes an overview of different industries’ ability to function and the challenges they may face.

As of 13 October, the NESA is shifting to compiling the situational picture on a weekly basis, with the next situational picture scheduled to be published on 27 October.

The NESA releases a brief summary of the situational picture report. The details concerning industries are classified and are therefore not made public.

Situational picture on 20 October: Security of supply has remained stable

The situation with regard to security of supply has remained stable compared to the previous week. The status of Finland’s gas system is stable, and gas supply has been secured from the LNG terminal in Inkoo. The terminal has the capacity and ability to provide the gas our country needs for the coming winter.

As a result of the sabotage targeting the gas and data communications infrastructure, the NESA urged companies that are critical to the security of supply to elevate their level of preparedness. The companies have complied and set out to take the necessary measures. Observations of vandalism, break-ins and unauthorised access have been reported to authorities, but the actual impacts have been minor. Significant new acts of sabotage or suspicious activities have not been observed.

Denial-of-service attacks targeting the financial sector have decreased compared to last week. That said, online attacks and phishing attempts are still being reported in many fields.

The development and impacts of the situation in the Middle East have caused uncertainty with regard to energy prices.

Households have also paid attention to their preparedness in light of the recent news. As an example, this is demonstrated by the media stories about home emergency supplies and the increased visitor numbers of the website.