The National Emergency Supply Agency

The National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA) is an organisation operating under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. It is tasked with planning and operative measures related to developing and maintaining security of supply. In cooperation with other authorities and the private sector, the NESA ensures that the continuity of the critical functions of Finnish society can be safeguarded during crises and disruptions.

The NESA’s strategic tasks are to:

  • coordinate preparedness cooperation between the private and public sectors
  • oversee the practical arrangements related to the maintaining of national emergency stockpiles and security and compulsory stockpiles
  • ensure the functionality of essential technical systems and safeguard critical goods and service production
  • monitor international developments and maintain contact with foreign authorities and institutions.

In concrete terms, the NESA:

  • develops continuity management tools for companies and provides training on their use
  • organises joint exercises for companies and public authorities
  • supports and steers the operations of the NESO’s sectors and pools
  • plans and finances various redundancy and auxiliary arrangements for information systems, data communications, financial services and mass communication
  • supports the operating preconditions of production supportive of military defence in collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces
  • oversees compulsory stockpiling for the purpose of ensuring the supply of imported fuels and pharmaceuticals in the event of major disruptions
  • oversees security stockpiling for the purpose of safeguarding the income of the population and the supply of critical materials to companies in the event of disruptions
  • oversees emergency stockpiling for the purpose of safeguarding the supply of energy and food and the availability of health care services.

The organisation of the National Emergency Agency

The operations of the National Emergency Supply Agency are steered by the NESA’s Board of Directors. The NESA’s operative activities are managed by the chief executive officer based on guidelines issued by the Board of Directors. The CEO is supported by the management team and communications manager and provided with strategic support by the planning manager. The NESA’s organisation includes the Primary Production Department, the Energy Supply Department, the Infrastructure Department, the Planning and Analysis Department and the Administration Department. The NESA employs just over 75 people, the majority of whom are experts in various fields.