The general objectives of security of supply are established by the Finnish Government. The primary objective is to safeguard the functioning of critical infrastructure, production and services so that they can meet the most vital basic needs of the population, economy and national defence.

The objective of the security of supply work is to ensure that severe disruptions and emergency conditions can be managed through national measures. The starting points for this work are a stable public economy, a diverse industrial and other production base, a competitive national economy and functional international markets.

Traditionally, security of supply has meant ensuring the supply of materials. Today, however, the focus of security of supply operations is being increasingly shifted towards ensuring the operating capability of critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure means the basic structures, services and related functions that are essential for maintaining the vital functions of society. These include the electrical grid, the water supply, transport routes and secure connections for data communications and financial transactions.

International interdependencies and global value chains are becoming increasingly important in terms of security of supply. Because of this, ensuring security of supply also requires engaging in extensive international cooperation.

Cooperation between the public, private and third sectors is a prerequisite for functional security of supply.