Public–private partnership

Collaboration between the public, private and third sectors is critical to ensuring security of supply.

As regards the public sector, Finnish ministries are responsible for steering and overseeing their administrative branches so that the functions critical to society are safeguarded and their ability operate is developed.

The participation of private sector operators in security of supply work is partly voluntary and partly statutory. The private sector maintains a significant proportion of the functions critical to society.

The voluntary participation of the private sector has always been characteristic of Finland’s efforts to ensure security of supply. This public–private partnership is built upon experiences gained during the Second World War and the models of operation established shortly after the war.

Collaboration for safeguarding the functioning of society

Companies participate in the operations of the National Emergency Supply Organisation through its sectors and pools.

The National Emergency Supply Organisation’s sectors are extensive, industry-specific cooperation organisations formed around the focus areas of security of supply that include representatives of different authorities, organisations and the most notable companies in their industries. The general objective of the sectors is to define the objectives of their own industries’ pools and to steer, coordinate and monitor preparedness in their respective fields.

The industry-specific pools are managed by business operators and responsible for operational preparedness in their respective fields. The pools work together with relevant companies to plan measures for developing security of supply in their respective industries and define which of the companies operating in their fields are critical to security of supply.