Published 06.06.2023

Overall situational picture of security of supply: Disruptions in the availability of medicines continue

The overall situational picture of security of supply has remained largely unchanged during the past month. The economic decline is reflected particularly in critical manufacturing.

The situational picture report includes an overview of different industries’ ability to function and the challenges they may face. The overall situational picture of security of supply examines the challenges in the operating environment from several perspectives. As of the start of 2023, the situational picture is updated once a month.

The NESA releases a brief summary of the situational picture report. The details concerning industries are classified and are therefore not made public.

Situational picture on 2 June: Awareness of a home emergency supply low 

The availability of materials used in health care has improved, but the availability of medicines continues to be affected by disruptions. Potential major purchases by other nations are also causing uncertainty and would exacerbate disruptions in the availability of medicines.

The wheat harvest in Ukraine is expected to decrease by 21% compared to the previous growing season, but according to forecasts the global wheat harvest will be historically high during the new season starting in July. Russia is expected to be the largest exporter of wheat during this upcoming season.

According to the latest Finnish Emergency Services Attitudes 2023 survey carried out by the Emergency Services Academy Finland, only one in six respondents knew the definition of a home emergency supply and only one in four Finns knew that they should be able to cope without outside help for 72 hours with a home emergency supply. Only 10% of respondents knew what they should do upon hearing a public warning signal.

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