Published 08.11.2023

Overall situational picture of security of supply: Economic outlook darkening the mood in many industries

The state of security of supply remains stable. However, the declining economic situation is currently raising concerns in many industries. The starting flu season is increasing the numbers of respiratory infection patients in health care.

The overall situational picture of security of supply compiled by the National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA) examines the challenges in the operating environment from several perspectives. The situational picture report includes an overview of different industries’ ability to function and the challenges they may face.

As of 3 November, the NESA is shifting to compiling the situational picture every other week, with the next situational picture scheduled to be published on 17 November.

The NESA releases a brief summary of the situational picture report. The details concerning industries are classified and are therefore not made public.

Situational picture on 3 November: Citizens’ perception of the safety and security of their own lives has declined

The state of security of supply has not significantly changed during the past week, nor have any cases of sabotage of notable infrastructure or suspicious activity been detected.

On 27 October 2023, the NESA raised the crisis level concerning the security of gas supply from the early warning level to the alert level in accordance with the EU regulation concerning measures to safeguard the security of gas supply. The status of Finland’s gas system is currently stable, and gas supply has been secured from the LNG terminal in Inkoo.

The declining economy and darkening economic outlook are reflected in many industries.

Recently, there have been news reports of COVID-19 patients increasing in health care and of other respiratory infections as well. The numbers of respiratory infections are higher during the winter season, as expected.

Finnish citizens’ perception of the safety and security of their own lives has weakened. As many as 93% of Finns say that they are concerned about the direction the world is going in.

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