Published 06.07.2023

Overall situational picture of security of supply: primary production suffers as a result of low rainfall

The transition from spring to summer in Finland has been broadly marked by a lack of rainfall, which has had a negative impact on primary production in particular. Many farmers now believe that the country may be headed towards a crop failure year as in 2021. If the dry period continues, it may also impact the water services companies that take their raw water from small groundwater supplies.

The situational picture report includes an overview of different industries’ ability to function and the challenges they may face. The overall situational picture of security of supply examines the challenges in the operating environment from several perspectives. As of the start of 2023, the situational picture is updated once a month. Due to the break in July, the next situational picture will be published in mid August.

The National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA) releases a brief summary of the situational picture report. The details concerning industries are classified and are therefore not made public.

Situational picture on 30 June: Challenges continue in the availability of health care materials

The current economic decline is reflected particularly in critical manufacturing.

The rapid economic downturn in the forestry industry may lead to problems in the supply of stem chips, felling residue, and forestry by-products over the coming heating season.

There are still widespread challenges in the availability of health care materials, particularly medications, and the situation is not expected to ease in the short term.

The threat level in the cyber environment is, according to the situational picture, still higher than normal.

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